Springtime Glow

Springtime in its youth it was. This day I can't forget.
An afternoon of glowing light, ironic at its best.
Arriving at a destined site, to speak and to perform,
My task that day, commissioned to, perform a dancer's song.

But never did I realize the strangeness of this day.
Arriving at the destined sight, all dancers in a daze.
"He's dead; he's lost," said tearful cries.
The echoed moans did reach.

My ears to tears, away from songs,
My springtime glow deceived,
And brought to mind a sudden thirst,
A query to relieve.

Questioning, inquiring,
The answer I must know,
"What soul has springtime found this day,
To bring into its glow?"

"It's he," they moaned, "the one you've known,
A brother in your home.
He's left us by his hand we fear.
The reason yet unknown."

And in the distance, I then heard,
"Your show you must perform."
I quickly gathered sentiment,
And heeded these strong words.

Raced back to find the destined site,
Prepared now to perform.
When song arose into the air,
The dancer's dance took form.

No longer like a dance I'd known,
Much darker and malformed.
The contrast of the dance and glow,
Brought twilight to this world,

And woke my mind to find the soul,
Now joined with springtime glow.
My query, surely it was heard,
For soon after the show,

The voices crying said to me,
"Your brother is no more!
Found was he this afternoon,
Some feet above the floor.

This fear we speak is true you see,
To true eyes it was shown.
Your brother has now left us,
With the springtime glow this morn'."

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