I AM an Imperfect Man

I AM an imperfect man
And I like it that way
I am broken and fixed
Throughout all my days

I strive for perfection
But not everyday
My life doesn't matter
If I can't go astray

Throw on Jimenez
And give me a beer
I'm touching the earth
And denying all fear

The world is a monster
But monsters can feel
If I change all their viewpoints
Then my work is done here

Yes, I'm a man
Chemically and genetically
I have needs and thoughts
That God has given me

Leave me to be
A part of nature to see
What I can become
When my spirit is freed

The pressure increases
It's trying to kill me
You're pushing too much
The threshold is steeped

I AM an imperfect man
And no longer can deny
To be what I am
And release into life

Because when I break
You can fix
And when I am fixed
You can rest

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